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  • Date: 16 May 1760
  • Location: Northampton, MA, British Empire

Immediate Ancestors

Immediate Descendants

With Eleanor Goodale

  • Samuel Wright (b 18 Aug 1785, m Electa Langdon 15 Feb 1810)
  • Orinda Wright (b 19 Mar 1788, m Joseph Parker 31 May 1810)
  • Lucretia Wright
  • Thomas Wright (b ~1790)
  • Eleanor Wright (b 22 Sep 1792, m Alpheus Bigelow 21 Sep 1813)
  • Silas Wright Jr (b 24 May 1795, m Clarissa Moody 11 Sep 1833, d 27 Aug 1847)
  • Daniel L Wright (b 10 Apr 1799, m Martha Williamson 26 Apr 1826)
  • Pliny Wright (b 14 Dec 1805)

Places Lived

  • Amherst, MA (before 1796)
  • Weybridge, VT (after 1796)



  • Date: 15 May 1843
  • Location: Weybridge, VT
  • Burial: Weybridge Cemetary

Biographical Information

  • Resided in Amherst, MA until Feb 1796 when he moved to Weybridge, VT
  • Had a farm in Weybridge, VT
  • "The father of Mr. Wright (Silas Wright Jr), though for a son of the old Pilgrim State he was much restricted in his education even as respects the common branches of learning, is described as a man who possessed a clear and discerning mind, and an excellend judgement. He was bred a mechanic, but in afterlife purchased a farm, and became and continued to be a practical farmer till his death. In Vermont he was several times elected a member of the legislature of that state." - From "Life of Silas Wright"
  • "Silas Wright was born on March 17, 1760, and settled in Weybridge, Vt., on the place now owned by Mrs. John Childs and son. He had a family of three daughters and four sons, only two of whom are now living -- Daniel L. (born on April 20, 1799 ; is a well-known farmer) and Pliny (a lawyer, who was born on December 14, 1805; is now a resident of Canton, N. Y.), where he occupies the residence of his late brother, Governor Wright, who was governor of New York State, and died on August 27, 1847, and was the second son of Silas. His eldest son, Samuel, remained on the home place in Weybridge, Vt., where he spent the greater part of his life. " - From "History of Addison County"



  • Wife generally listed as simply Eleanor, but sometimes as Huldah Eleanor - It is possible there is confusion with Eleanor's mother Huldah Burt. Eleanor is also sometimes given as Eleanore. I am currently going to list her simply as Eleanor Goodale.
  • Some sources give 25 Sep 1780 rather than 26 Sep 1780 for the marriage
  • The son Thomas is shown in a minority of sources and never with an exact birthdate, so I'm not sure it is correct. He is missing from the places that have more complete descriptions of the family.
  • Orinda sometimes listed as Oneida
  • Some sources give date of son Saniel's birth as 20 Apr 1799 rather than 10 Apr 1799.
  • Son Silas Wright Jr was a US Senator and Governor of New York
  • Many sources give Amherst, MA as the location of birth, but I'm going with the Northampton, MA given by the Raven source as it seems to have more complete information and be better sourced.
  • Some sources show TWO Pliney Wrights (sometimes spelled Plyny) one born 24 May 1803 and one born 14 Dec 1805. For the moment I'm sticking with only showing the one born in 1805 as it appears more often. It may be that the 1803 Pliney died as an infant and they quickly had another child and named it the same. But that is pure speculation.
  • Wife Eleanor Goodale is the sister of Mercy Goodale who married Elijah Elmer. This would make Silas Wright Elmer's parents Chester Elmer and Lucretia Wright first cousins.