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This page is part of the Genealogy Research being done by Samuel Antonio Minter. It represents the best information I have at this time on this individual. This site is a Wiki open to be edited by anyone. If you see errors, or have additional relevant information, feel free to update this page. If you are not comfortable editing the page directly, please email me with the information at abulsme@abulsme.com. Thank you!


  • Date: 6 Aug 1753
  • Location: Sunderland, Franklin, MA, British Empire

Immediate Ancestors

Immediate Descendants

With Mercy Goodale

  •  ??? Elmer (b 16 Mar 1780)
  • Salome Elmer (b 23 Jun 1781 in Amherst, Hampshire, MA)
  • Achsah Elmer (b 25 Jun 1784 in Amherst, Hampshire, MA)
  • Elijah Elmer Jr (b 18 May 1786 in Amherst, Hampshire, MA)
  • Anna Elmer (b 5 Jan 1789 in Amherst, Hampshire, MA)
  • Chester Elmer
  • Moses Elmer (b 4 Jul 1793 in Amherst, Hampshire, MA)
  • Lucy Elmer (b 20 Jul 1795 in Amherst, Hampshire, MA)
  • Martin Elmer (b 9 Oct 1800 in Amherst, Hampshire, MA)

Places Lived

  • Amherst, MA (Britian/USA)
  • Addison, VT, USA



  • Date: 5 May 1804
  • Location: Addison, Addison, VT, USA
  • Burial: 8 May 1804 in Addison, VT

Biographical Information

  • Came with his family to the town of Addison, VT, in 1802, and bought a farm which is still owned by his descendants.



  • Mother's name may be Sarah Grover according to several sources.
  • Walker source also gives Salome's birth as 23 May 1781 rather than 23 Jun 1781 and has an addition child born in 1780.
  • Walker source gives all children except Chester born in Vermont, but given when Elijah moved this is unlikely to be correct.
  • Bourne source gives death in Amherst, which I have used for now, but I think is probably incorrect given when Elijah moved to Vermont.
  • IGI has wife as "Murcy Goode"
  • The "Ancestors of Elizabeth Lorena Warren" source has this about the mother's name: "The Elmer Book, compiled the Rev. William Wallace Johnson has the wife of Edward Elmer as Sarah, daughter of Isaac Grover. Unsubstantiated, but listed in most other records I have come across, is that Sarah Graves was married to a ??? Grover prior to being married to Edward Elmer. The Rev. may have been in error stating that Sarah was the daughter of Isaac Grover." which could explain the Grover name that appears in some places (but never without also saying "or Graves" and often showing Graves ancestors.
  • Wife Mercy Goodale was the sister of Eleanor Goodale who married Silas Wright. This would make Silas Wright Elmer's parents Chester Elmer and Lucretia Wright first cousins.