Silas Wright Elmer

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  • Date: 16 Feb 1827
  • Location: Weybridge, Addison County, VT, USA

Immediate Ancestors

Immediate Descendants

With Harriet Jewett

  • Crucy Eliza Elmer
  • Edward Elmer (b 27 Mar 1853)
  • Howard Elmer (b 23 Apr 1855)
  • Chester Philo Elmer (b 20 Feb 1857)
  • Esther Huldah Elmer (b 12 Jul 1859)
  • Horace Elmer (b 5 Aug 1861)
  • Harriet Elmer (b 18 Jan 1864)
  • Annie Belle Elmer (b 10 Jun 1866)
  • Mary Elmer (b 26 May 1868)
  • Kate Elmer (b 15 Jul 1874)

Places Lived


  • Harriet Jewett (married 9 Jan 1850 in Weybridge, Addison County, Vermont)


  • Date: 29 Sep 1907
  • Burial: Weybridge, VT

Biographical Information



  • Mother Lucretia went by "Crucy"
  • Many of the family search sources show the date of his marriage as the date of his death. Given that many children were born after this date that is obviously wrong.
  • Wife sometimes went by "Hattie"