Eleanor Goodale

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  • Date: 21 Feb 1762
  • Location: Amherst, MA, British Empire

Immediate Ancestors

Immediate Descendants

With Silas Wright

  • Samuel Wright (b 18 Aug 1785, m Electa Langdon 15 Feb 1810)
  • Orinda Wright (b 19 Mar 1788, m Joseph Parker 31 May 1810)
  • Lucretia Wright
  • Thomas Wright (b ~1790)
  • Eleanor Wright (b 22 Sep 1792, m Alpheus Bigelow 21 Sep 1813)
  • Silas Wright Jr (b 24 May 1795, m Clarissa Moody 11 Sep 1833, d 27 Aug 1847)
  • Daniel L Wright (b 10 Apr 1799, m Martha Williamson 26 Apr 1826)
  • Pliny Wright (b 14 Dec 1805)

Places Lived



  • Date: 21 Dec 1846
  • Location: Weybridge, VT, USA
  • Burial: Weybridge Cemetery, Weybridge, VT, USA

Biographical Information

  • "Mr. Wright (Silas Wright Jr)'s mother was better educated than most of the young women in the country where she resided. She is described as having possessed more than ordinary intellectual power..." - From "Life of Silas Wright"



  • Wife generally listed as simply Eleanor, but sometimes as Huldah Eleanor, Huldah or Hulda - It is possible there is confusion with Eleanor's mother Huldah Burt. Eleanor is also sometimes given as Eleanore. I am currently going to list her simply as Eleanor Goodale.