Chester Elmer

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  • Date: 6 Apr 1791
  • Location: Amherst, Hampshire County, MA, USA

Immediate Ancestors

Immediate Descendants

With Huldah Fisher

  • Elijah Elmer (b 13 Apr 1810 in Addison, VT)
  • Chester Elmer Jr (b 13 Jan 1812 in Addison, VT)
  • John F Elmer (b 7 Mar 1814 in Addison, VT)
  • Horace Elmer (b 20 Aug 1817 in Addison, VT)
  • William F Elmer (b 20 Aug 1817 in Addison, VT)
  • Eli M Elmer (b 29 Jan 1823 in Addison, VT)

With Lucretia Wright

Places Lived


  • Huldah Fisher (b 21 Oct 1788 in Amhurst, Hampton Co, MA; married 8 Dec 1808 in Addison, VT)
  • Lucretia Wright (married 13 Aug 1823)
  • Esther Smith (married 15 Apr 1844)
  • Harriet A Johnson (married 25 Dec 1863)


  • Date: 31 Oct 1870
  • Location: Middlebury, Addison Co, VT
  • Burial: 3 Nov 1870 in Weybridge, Addison County, VT

Biographical Information

  • Christened 10 Apr 1791 in Amherst, MA
  • Chester Elmer, Sr., with his father, Elijah Elmer (who was a native of Massachusetts), came with his family to the town of Addison, in 1802, and bought a farm which is still owned by his descendants.
  • He was a successful farmer.



  • Mercy's last name sometimes listed as "Goodell".
  • Ester's last name sometimes listed as "Strong" rather than Smith.
  • The Sequoyah link didn't actually give all that much additional info about Chester himself, but it includes a pedigree that goes back thousands of years all the way to the Biblical Adam and includes hundreds of kings. And yes, I know the quality of that data, but I wanted to capture it as a source, cause it will be much fun going through it all as I get further back in the generations.
  • Note that this is Chester Elmer Sr, as distinguished from his son Chester Elmer Jr
  • Some source give Harriet's last name as "Severance" rather than Johnson
  • Mother also listed as "Murcy Goode"
  • Note father is Elijah Elmer Sr, there is also an Elijah Elmer Jr who would have been one of Chester's brothers.
  • Lucretia also known as "Crucy"
  • Chester Elmer's mother Mercy Goodale and Lucretia Wright's mother Eleanor Goodale were sisters, making Lucretia and Chester first cousins.