Marion Vera Hurlburt

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Marion Vera Hurlburt ~1930


  • Date: 24 Dec 1903
  • Location: Mendon, VT, USA

Immediate Ancestors

Immediate Descendants

With Ralph Aaron Brandon

Places Lived

  • Pennsylvania
  • New York
  • Massachusetts
  • Bangor, Maine
  • Vermont (10 or more towns before high school)
  • Ohio (college)
  • Rhode Island (nursing school)
  • Maine (with Ralph Aaron Brandon)
  • Covington, OH (with Ralph Aaron Brandon)
  • Versailles, OH, USA
  • Hardwick, VT
  • Westminster, VT
  • Talas, Turkey
  • Southampton, MA (1973-2003)



  • Date: 5 May 2003 (Near midnight Eastern)
  • Location: Southampton, MA, USA
  • Buried: Weybridge Hill Cemetery, Weybridge, VT

Biographical Information

  • Graduated from high school in Bangor, Maine
  • Graduated from Defiance College in Ohio
  • Graduated from the Rhode Island Hospital School of Nursing in Providence, Rhode Island
  • During summers during college she waited tables at the Craigville Conference Center
  • At the time of Ruth Marilyn Brandon's birth a few months after Ralph Aaron Brandon's death, the family lived with David Clement Brandon and Mary Evelyn VanTilburgh in Versailles, Ohio.
  • When husband died while a pastor she received help from the Christmas Fund for a few years
  • From My Faith Journey 1997 by Ruth Marilyn Brandon:
    • Now if God raised me, God used the church to help. My father (Ralph Aaron Brandon), my uncle (Roderic Wright Hurlburt), my grandfather (Donald Paul Hurlburt) were all ministers of the Christian and later Congregational Christian churches, my uncle continuing on into the United Church of Christ. Yet I did not grow up in a parsonage. My father died in a pastorate in Ohio at a young age, six months before my birth, so I never knew him in person. My mother (Marion Vera Hurlburt), trained as a nurse, was left to raise three children alone. In the beginning, the church was critically important in insuring our survival. People in the national structures of the Congregational Christian Churches helped my mother move with her family to northern Vermont where a job as town and school nurse was available. There, for several years we were helped by that fund which has its appeal every Christmas - the Veterans of the Cross Fund. I am told that we three children were pictured in the promotion one year - children of a pastor who died tragically young and for whom the church still felt responsibility. Because of the national publicity, a grower in California decided to send us fruit regularly. It was a gift from heaven according to my mother who describes us as being very poor in those years - very poor indeed. Yet I never felt poor. A lesson I remember very well from school years, whether applied to us or to others, was : It is no crime to be poor. Rather the question always was how to do our best with what God had given us.
  • Worked six years as a town and school nurse (RN) in Hardwick, VT
  • Worked 16 years as nurse in residence for the New England Kurn Hattin Homes in Westminster, VT
  • Worked several years at the Caverly Home for Crippled Children in Pittsford, VT
  • Left for Turkey 2 months after her youngest child Ruth graduated college.
  • Served five years as United Church Board for World Ministries missionary nurse at the Talas Nute Clinic in central Turkey from age 60-65
  • Retired to Southampton, MA in 1973
  • Father, brother, husband and daughter all UCC Pastors
  • Member of the Southampton Congregational Church last 30 years of her life
  • In a nursing home from April 11th to May 5th 2003 after 2.5 years of 24 hour home care
  • Died near midnight in the early morning of May 5th 2003
  • At time of death had 3 children, 8 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren
  • From Ruth Marilyn Brandon: "My mother (Marion Vera Hurlburt) lived with  these grandparents (George Henry Wright and Crucy Eliza Elmer) a couple years while her father (Donald Paul Hurlburt) looked for a second wife when the first (Sarah Olive Wright) was a pedestrian hit, dragged and killed by a car in Rutland,VT when  my mother was ca 12-13 and her brother Roderic several years younger. (ca 1915 or 1916 when cars were new and driving not yet requiring competence marked by a license)"



  • SSN was 008-22-8953 issued in VT
  • Buried between her parents in Weybridge Hill Cemetetary in Weybridge, VT in the Wright lot
  • The Wright Lot is in C row easily distinguishable because the major monument has tall maple trees growing on each side of it
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