Donald Paul Hurlburt

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Donald Paul Hurlburt 1904


  • Date: 2 Apr 1871
  • Location: Poultney, VT, USA

Immediate Ancestors

Immediate Descendants

With Sarah Olive Wright

  • Marion Vera Hurlburt
  • Roderic Wright Hurlburt (b 30 Aug 1906 d 1986 - Reverend in UCC, lived in Southampton, MA)

Places Lived

  • Bennington, VT (1880 US Census)
  • Bangor, Maine



  • Date: 7 May 1961
  • Burial: Weybridge Hill Cemetery, Weybridge, VT (Wright Lot)

Biographical Information

  • Grew up in Bennington, VT
  • Was a pastor in the UCC near Weybridge, VT. Although it didn't become the UCC until right before his death. I believe the branch he came from was the Congregational part of the UCC and he probably would have identified more closely with that.
  • A pastor of the Christian church before it was Congregational Christian
  • From My Faith Journey 1997 by Ruth Marilyn Brandon:
    • My father (Ralph Aaron Brandon), my uncle (Roderic Wright Hurlburt), my grandfather (Donald Paul Hurlburt) were all ministers of the Christian and later Congregational Christian churches, my uncle continuing on into the United Church of Christ.
    • Another exception (to relatives who were not actively demonstrating or publicly organizing) was my grandfather (Donald Paul Hurlburt), who until his death was very activist with the Prohibition Party. It was also from my grandfather that I learned what I much later discovered was considered an ethnic national anthem of the black community. Long before the sixties, in Vermont, where I had not yet met a black person, I was already joyfully singing that song of determination and faith, Lift Every Voice and Sing.
  • From Ruth Marilyn Brandon: "My mother (Marion Vera Hurlburt) lived with  these grandparents (George Henry Wright and Crucy Eliza Elmer) a couple years while her father (Donald Paul Hurlburt) looked for a second wife when the first (Sarah Olive Wright) was a pedestrian hit, dragged and killed by a car in Rutland,VT when  my mother was ca 12-13 and her brother Roderic several years younger. (ca 1915 or 1916 when cars were new and driving not yet requiring competence marked by a license)"



  • The Wright Lot in Weybridge Hill Cemetery is in C row easily distinguishable because the major monument has tall maple trees growing on each side of it
  • Posted on on 4 Jul 2006.
  • Email from Ruth Marilyn Brandon indicates thsat DPH was borning in Bennington, but other info indicates that he was born in Poultney and just livied in Bennington while young.