Hiram Harvey Hurlburt Jr

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  • Date: 5 Mar 1827
  • Location: Vermont, USA

Immediate Ancestors

Immediate Descendants

With Sarah Ellen Bullard

  • "Nellie" Weltha Ellen Hurlburt (8 Jul 1854 to ???)
  • Olive Eugenia Hurlburt (17 Aug 1857 to 14 Apr 1864)
  • Susan Annabell Hurlburt (18 May 1859 to 1 May 1864)
  • Kate Luella Hurlburt (19 Jun 1861 to May 1907)

With Helen Marie Herendeen

  • (Unknown Name Son) (11 Jun 1865 to ???, Died Young)
  • Carl Guy Hurlburt (15 Oct 1866 Waybridge VT to 27 Sep 1928)- Lived near Buffalo, NY
  • (Unknown Name Daughter) (26 May 1868 to ???, Died Young)
  • Donald Paul Hurlburt
  • Earl Benjamin Hurlburt (18 Feb 1874 to ???) - A church organist in northern Ohio (maybe Toledo) - Married to Jessie (LN Unknown) - Sometimes noted as Earl Ben

Places Lived

  • Weybridge, VT
  • Bennington, VT
  • Ripton, VT


  • Sarah Ellen Bullard (b 10 Sep 1835; m 6 Sep 1853; d 1864)
  • Helen Marie Herendeen - Married 10 Sep 1864 in New Haven, VT
  • Eliza Harvey - Married 28 Jul 1897


  • Date: 29 Jan 1910
  • Burial: Middlebury, VT

Biographical Information

  • 1880 Census lists occupation as "Slate Roofer"
  • From Scott Brandon (GGGrandchild of HHH Jr):
    • I believe that Hiram's third or fourth wife (I forget which one) was a real tyrant that eventually tried to kill him!!
  • HHH Jr wrote a detailed Diary/Autobiography. The document in its entirety can be read at the link below:
  • From Diary of Hiram Harvey Hurlburt Jr - Chapter 13
    • At age 15 killed a neighbor in an incident at his father's mill. From the diary: "As I attended to the mill a good deal, I kept a level (Handspike) made from a small spruce tree about two and a half inches think, neatly shaved and convenient to handle the logs. A neighbor by the name of Martin Powers took this lever and used it in place of a skid to roll logs up on the pile front of the mill, and when he had used it I would find it broken. I made another and told Powers I did not wish him to use it for a skid. But Powers was a wrestler and won at times at elections and raising of buildings. He was a married man, probably twenty three years old. The next day he came with a load of logs, came in the mill and grasped my lever. I took it away from him, father being present cautioned Powers to let me alone, for one of us would get hurt. But Powers clinching me side hold and I flung him to the floor as quick as thought! He was badly hurt. Anyway he kept running down. He sent for me one day and told the wrestling would be his life, and he told me I was not to blame, that he had wrestled with many and never one so quick as I was. I was a good deal affected to think he was going to die, and I went to father with the fact. Father said, "I was not to blame. Powers begun by clinching first." But there was always a feeling, like, I wish it had not happened. I noticed father and mother made a quite a number of donations to the widow after his death."