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This page is part of the Genealogy Research being done by Samuel Antonio Minter. It represents the best information I have at this time on this individual. This site is a Wiki open to be edited by anyone. If you see errors, or have additional relevant information, feel free to update this page. If you are not comfortable editing the page directly, please email me with the information at abulsme@abulsme.com. Thank you!


  • Date: 20 Sep 1751
  • Location: Wrightstown, Bucks Co, PA, British Empire

Immediate Ancestors

Immediate Descendants

With Mourning Bearden

  • Aaron Smith (b 12 Jan 1781 in Pauline, Spartanburg Co, SC)
  • Lettice Smith (b 6 Jun 1783 in Pauline, Spartanburg Co, SC, married William Jenkins of Chester, SC and moved to Talladega, Alabama)
  • Isaac Smith (b 31 Oct 1784 in Pauline, Spartanburg Co, SC, married Polly Barry)
  • Eber Smith (b Dec 1787 in Pauline, Spartanburg Co, SC, a physician, m Polly More, m2nd Eliz. Ashford of Fairfield District)
  • Ralph Smith (b 1790 in Pauline, Spartanburg Co, SC, m Susan Turner of Clarke Co, Georgia)
  • Massey Penquite Smith (b 29 Apr 1792 in Pauline, Spartanburg Co, SC married ??? Rabb)
  • William Robert Smith (b 1794 in Pauline, Spartanburg Co, SC, m Miss Ashford, moved to Fairfield District)
  • Sarah Smith (b 24 Jan 1795 in Pauline, Spartanburg Co, SC)
  • Mary Smith (b 1798 in Pauline, Spartanburg Co, SC,married Joel G Brewton of Spartanburg)
  • Jane Chapman Smith (b 15 Sep 1799 in Pauline, Spartanburg Co, SC, m William Bogar of Union Co, SC)
  • John Winn Smith (b 13 Jan 1802 in Pauline, Spartanburg Co, SC, a physician, married Catherine Faber sister of Christina Marie Faber)
  • Elihu Penquite Smith
  • Eliphas Twinning Smith (b 18 Apr 1806 in Pauline, Spartanburg Co, SC, m Eliz. Earle, moved to Alabama)

Places Lived

  • Wrightstown, Bucks Co, PA (1751-1765)
  • Spartan District, SC (1765-1837)



  • Date: 22 Jun 1837
  • Location: Glenn Springs, SC, USA
  • Burial: Smith Family Cemetery, Glenn Springs, SC, USA

Biographical Information

  • Moved with his family from Wrightstown, PA to Spartanburg, SC when he was 14
  • He became a planter in SC
  • Had the ranks of Captain in the American Revolutionary War and later a Major
  • William Smith owned slaves. One was named Nelly. Another was named Eliza. There were others as well, whose names I do not have.
  • Was a County Judge (1785-1797)
  • Was a State Senator (1790-1796 and 1810-1818)
  • Was a US Representative (1797-1799) as a Democratic-Republican
  • Wikipedia Article as of 14 Mar 2007:
    • William Smith (September 20, 1751 June 22, 1837) was a congressman, state senator and judge from South Carolina.
    • Smith was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the oldest son of Ralph Smith and Mercy Penquite Smith. He moved to Spartan District, South Carolina with his family in 1765 where he became a planter. He fought in the Revolutionary War and served as a county judge from 1785 to 1797. He served in the South Carolina Senate from the Spartan District from 1790 to 1796 and was later elected a Democratic-Republican to the fifth congress serving from 1797 to 1799. He was elected back to the South Carolina Senate serving from 1810 to 1818. He died in the Spartan District in 1837.
  • William Smith's Will:
    • Will of William Smith of Spartanburg Co. SC, weak of body; 3 Oct. 1835, proved 10 July 1837; to my son Eber Smith for life, 200 acres where he formerly lived; to my son Ralph Smith 400 acres whereon he now lives being the remainder of a tract of 600 acres, the other 200 acres are disposed of as hereinbefore directed to my son Eber.
    • In as much as I have advanced money to my son Isaac Smith to pay for land, the titles for which are in his own name, I do not think it proper to give any thing more in land or real estate.
    • To my son William Smith 125 acres which I purchased at Sheriff Sale when it was sold as the property of John Varnes Senr.
    • I also give to my son William Smith another tract of 300 acres lying on both sides of Blackstock's Road on waters of Dutchmans Creek and Cane Creek.
    • To my two sons John Winn Smith and Elihu Penquite Smith, the tract of land whereon I now live, together with all my other lands lying in this one body adj. thereto to be divided between them in the following manner: by a line beginning at Tivets line where it crosses what is called the dry fork of Wileys fork of Dutchman's Creek, ... above my upper fence, ... then a straight line to James Moors corner at the upper end of a pond, ... the whole of the eastwardly end of said lands from said dividing line to go to my son John Winn Smith, being the part on which he now lives, and the whole of the westwardly end to go to my son Elihu Penquite being the part upon which he now lives and upon which I myself also live;
    • To my daughter Sarah Smith my negro girl named Nelly;
    • To my dau. Jane C. Smith my negro girl named Eliza;
    • All my negroes except the two above named which I have in my possession, together with their increase up to the time hereinafter appointed for dividing them to my nine children, viz, Lettice, wife of William Jenkins, to her and her heirs forever; Eber Smith during his life; Sarah Smith; Mary wife of Joel G. Brewton to her and her heirs forever; Jane C. Smith to her and her heirs forever; John Winn Smith to him and his heirs forever; to Elihu P. Smith to him and his heirs forever; Massey ??; to Wk? wife of ?? H. Hobbs to her and her heirs forever; and Eliphas Twinning Smith to him and his heirs forever;
    • If the heirs cannot decide on a good division of the negroes, then three disinterested persons make the division, in which case my dau. Jane C. Smith is to have her choice of the lots and the other eight to be divided among the other eight legatees by casting lots; should any of the heirs be deceased at the time of division, then the legal representatives of such deceased shall be entitled to receive that share; the negroes embraced in this bequest to my nine children are to remain within this state in full possession of my wife Mourning Smith for her own particular use for her life or widowhood, and after her death or marriage are to be devied.
    • Each of the nine legatees shall pay two-twelfth parts of the value of their lot, one twelfth to go to my son William Smith and the other one twelfth part to be equally divided between my two sons Isaac Smith and Ralph Smith.
    • I give to my two grandsons Aaron M. Smith and George A. Smith after the death of their father, all the land and negroes herein given and bequeathed to my son Eber Smith during his life, to them and their heirs forever, and the negroes are not to be moved out of this state during my son Eber Smith's life.
    • Should my dau. Sarah Smith die without having lawful issue, then the negroes given her by this will shall, after her death, go to my other four daughters to be equally divided, the heirs of a deceased dau. to have their mother's share.
    • Out of my money on hand and debts due me, I give to my five daus. Lettice Jenkins, Massey R. Rabb, Sarah Smith, Mary Brewton and Jane C. Smith $500 each should there be sufficient, otherwise, the money to be equally divided between them;
    • After paying my funeral expenses and debts, the residue be equally divided between all my children including both sons and daus.
    • To each of my two daus. Sarah Smith and Jane C. Smith, beds and other furniture ... as I have given my daus. who are married.
    • The balance of my household and kitchen furniture to remain in possession of my wife Mourning Smith for life or widowhood, then sold and equally divided; also stock to wife Mourning Smith for life etc., she to have the full use for life or widowhood of all the lands given my two sons John Winn Smith and Elihu Penquite Smith, except as I have heretofore suffered them severally to live and occupy, and after her death the land to go to them.
    • Appoint my two sons John Winn Smith and Elihu Penquite Smith execs; revoke other wills.
    • Wit. James Hamen, Mark Burnett, Turner Rountree



  • Rootsweb Index to History of Spartanburg, SC Page 7
  • The Trail-Lassus-Hartley source quotes the will naming Isaac, but lists Aaron as a son. The handwritten source from William Maynard Minter also lists BOTH Aaron and Isaac though. And lists 13 children. So I will include both.
  • As of 14 Mar 2007 Wikipedia and the TLH source differ by one day on date of birth. I am going with the handwritten source as a tiebreaker, and going with the 22nd.
  • The handwritten source lists "Marsey Penquite" rather than "Massey Penquite". I'm sticking with the Massey spelling for now, but it could be either. It also lists "Sarah" as "Sara". It also lists Mary's husband as "John " rather than "Joel".
  • John Winn Smith had his name legally changed to "John Winsmith".
  • Isaac's birth date is sometimes listed to be the same as Aaron's.