Mary Alice Stamper

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Mary Alice Stamper 14 Aug 1882


  • Date: 18 Apr 1865
  • Location: Emerson, Lewis Co, KY, USA

Immediate Ancestors

Immediate Descendants

With Lewis Napoleon Rayburn

  • Charles Simpson Rayburn (b 12 Nov 1883, d 8 Feb 1904)
  • Martha Weaver Rayburn (b 6 Nov 1886, d 21 Jul 1962 in Rush Co IN, married Joseph Winfield Fitch on 20 Dec 1903)
  • Maude Mae Rayburn
  • James Tinsley Rayburn (b 12 Sep 1891, married Margaret Corl)
  • Andrew Jackson Rayburn (b 2 Jan 1893, married Ithel Hamilton)
  • Benjamin Hobert Rayburn (b 11 May 1896, married Bessie Frazier, married Helen Huffman)
  • William J Rayburn (b Jan 1895)
  • Thurston Rayburn

Places Lived

  • Lewis Co, KY, USA (1880 Census)



  • Date: 22 Aug 1949
  • Location: Emerson, Lewis Co, KY, USA
  • Burial: 30 Aug 1949 in Old Stamper Cemetery, Rayburn Branch, Emerson, Lewis County, Kentucky

Biographical Information

  • Mary Alice Stamper (Rayburn) is the ancestor who has insisted on the fact that her branch of the family is part Cherokee
  • Lewis Napoleon Rayburn stole her away from her parents by night and rode thirty miles on a horse to cross the Ohio river and get married.
  • Remembrance of Mary Sue Wootton:
    • Grandma saying: "Son, while you are resting, could you pull some weeds for the hogs?" etc. Or whatever: WHILE YOU ARE RESTING!
    • Charles C Rayburn noted she was just comparing their "boychores" to her working from dawn to dusk and just didn't think little chores added up to her WORK.
  • Died at her mother's home at age 85 of a cerebral hemorrhage due to hypertension
  • Her son James Tinsley and his family (including grandson Lewis C "Bud" Rayburn") lived with MAS and Lewis Napoleon Rayburn for awhile when James was out of work.



  • The Rayburn section of the packet from Mary Sue Wootton refers to a larger packet of material that I do not have a copy of.
  • The references to a Stamper/Cherokee intermarriage are all from Mary Alice Stamper and some of her descendants who did research on this. It does not look like any conclusive evidence was ever found other than MAS repeating the fact verbally. MAS told Lewis C "Bud" Rayburn that her dad George Washington Stamper was 1/8th Cherokee.
  • There is a "Stamper Family Project Association". I think this is it.
  • Some sources give birth date as 18 May 1865 and another gives 4 Apr 1865 instead of 18 Apr 1865, but I'll go with what is on the tombstone.
  • Similarly some sources give death in 1948 and some in 1949. The picture I have of the grave is not very clear, but my first instinct was 1949. This could be wrong though.
  • Mother sometimes shown as "Kate" Dyer.
  • I don't have a page for Benjamin Hobert Rayburn (one of Mary Alice's sons), but his son Charles C Rayburn sent over this heartfelt biography of him.
  • Mary Sue Wootton was named after Mary Alice Stamper (as well as Susan Catherine Groves)
  • According to Mary Sue Wootton, Barbara Kingsolver was another of Mary Alice Stamper's grandchildren. At this point (8 Apr 2007) I have found no evidence to support this and some evidence against. So this claim at the moment seems to have no merit, although a more distant relationship may yet be found.
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  • Son James was one of "two redheads" in the family