George Washington Stamper

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George Washington Stamper ~1867


  • Date: 4 Jun 1821
  • Location: Swain Co, NC, USA

Immediate Ancestors

Immediate Descendants

With Catherine Dyer

  • Sarah Elizabeth Stamper (b 12 Aug 1847 in Carter Co, KY; m Thomas C Stafford; d 29 Aug 1928 in Lewis Co, KY)
  • William Taylor Stamper (b 24 Mar 1849 in Carter Co, KY; m Assenith V Orcutt 1870; d 31 Mar 1899 in Lewis Co, KY)
  • George Washington Stamper Jr (b 26 Dec 1850 in Lewis Co, KY; m Sophia Weaver Stafford; d 18 Oct 1938 in Lewis Co, KY)
  • James Marion "Cathead" Stamper (b 23 Nov 1852 in Lewis Co, KY; m Mary E Large; m Sophia Norris 24 Sep 1892 in Lewis Co, KY; m Rosa Eulett; d 3 Nov 1933 in Lewis Co, KY)
  • Andrew Jackson Stamper (b 31 Aug 1854 in Lewis Co, KY; m Julia Enix; d 20 Jul 1940 in Carter Co, KY)
  • Fairlena Stamper (b 8 May 1856 in Lewis Co, KY; m Josiah Leander Kidwell; d 19 Jul 1934 in Lewis Co, KY)
  • Sylvania Stamper (b 4 Apr 1858 in Lewis Co, KY; married George H Rayburn 12 May 1874 in Lewis Co, KY; d 12 Aug 1924 in Carter Co, KY)
  • Joshua Stamper (b 2 Feb 1860 in Lewis Co, KY; m Louisa Belle Thompson 31 Jun 1880 in Lewis Co, KY; d 28 Feb 1910 in Lewis Co, KY)
  • Martha Jane Stamper (b 24 Apr 1862 in Lewis Co, KY; d 1 Feb 1950 in Carter Co, KY)
  • Mary Alice Stamper
  • Partheney Stamper (b 6 Jan 1866 in Lewis Co, KY)
  • Hiley Belle Stamper (b 14 Apr 1868 in Lewis Co, KY; d 5 Apr 1910 in Lewis Co, KY)
  • David Jonathan Stamper (b 9 May 1870 in Lewis Co, KY; d 9 May 1870 in Lewis Co, KY)
  • Icadora "Isa Day" Stamper (b 27 Apr 1873 in Lewis Co, KY; d 10 Mar 1875 in Lewis Co, KY)

Places Lived

  • Swain Co, NC
  • Carter Co, KY
  • Lewis Co, KY (1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 Censuses)



  • Date: 6 Dec 1908
  • Location: Olive Hill, Carter Co, KY, USA
  • Burial: Stamper Cemetary, Head of Grassy, Lewis Co, KY, USA

Biographical Information

  • Was the first born child.
  • Was an infant at the time his parents moved from North Carolina to Kentucky
  • When he was 15 the family home was established in Carter Co, KY
  • In 1845 engaged in agricultural pursuits (owned a farm) near Olive Hill, Lewis Co
  • "He was very industrious, an excellent farmer and business man and in due time he accumulated a competency."
  • "About 1865 he opened a store on his farm, continuing to be identified with the general merchandise business for the ensuing twenty-five years."
  • "His death occurred on his old homestead in 1905 (sic) at the venerable age of eighty-two years."
  • "He was a stalwart Democrat in his political convictions and he served for several years as justice of the peace."
  • Fought in a feud called "The Underwood War" in the 1880's.
  • GWS was often referred to as "the leader of the clan" (meaning the Stamper clan).
  • Occupation in census records listed as "farmer"



  • This is the original George Washington Stamper, not to be confused with his son George Washington Stamper Jr
  • Is referred to in a couple places in the book Days of Anger, Days of Tears; The Story of Two Kentucky Feuds. I want a copy!
  • Some sources give alternate death dates, I'm going with the one reported on the tombstone
  • Yes, that is not her married name, his mother's maiden name was also Stamper. There is some question of the parentage of GW's father James, but if the parentage that looks most likely is true, GW's parents shared a great-grandfather, which would make them second cousins.
  • A 3-4 page biography of GW appears in History of Lewis County, Kentucky. I want this book!
  • Many quotes in the biography were from the "Isaac Daniel Stamper" and "Kygenweb" Rootsweb pages, but seem to in turn be from "History of Kentucky and Kentuckians Volume III" by E. Polk Johnson (published 1912 Lewis Publishing Co, NY & Chicago) pages 1318-1319. The quotation includes much about GWS Jr as well as GWS and GWS's parents. The book is not even listed on Amazon, let alone available. But yes, I want it too.  :-)
  • Father known as "Pewter John"
  • Daughter Sylvania's marriage is sometimes listed as 4 May 1874
  • James Stamper's second wife is listed in the Bruce Logan Source as "Sophia (Norris) Montieth" which given the use of parens elsewhere would indicate that Norris was her maiden name, and Montieth indicates an earlier husband.