William Maynard Wootton

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William Maynard Wootton ~1905


  • Date: 3 Mar 1891
  • Location: Central City, Kentucky, USA

Immediate Ancestors

Immediate Descendants

With Maude Mae Rayburn

Places Lived

  • Central City, Kentucky
  • 303 Powell; Evansville, Indiana
  • Florida
  • Tucson, AZ



  • Date: 6 Jun 1962 7:40 PM (Mountain Time)
  • Location: Tucson, AZ

Biographical Information

  • First job was driving mules in a coal mine
  • Worked at a clothing store for his brother-in-law (older sister Erie Antilo)
  • Attended Vanderbilt University
  • Secretary at Eastern Kentucky State Teachers' College
  • BS in Commerce from EKSTC
  • Met Maude Rayburn while at EKSTC
  • Spent five years as a superintendant at Huntsinger Business College in Hartford, CT
  • Spent 6 years as assistant to M. H. Lockyear at Lockyears Business College
  • Bought Lockyears business college in Evansville, IN which served the tristate (IN, KY, IL) - Served 25 years as president and 5 as Chairman of the Board
  • Sold his interest and retired in 1951
  • On retirement did the Dale Carnegie courses
  • Developed the idea of Dale Carnegie courses in small towns
  • Was a good friend of Dale Carnegie
  • President of National Office Management Association
  • Vice-President of National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools
  • Helped found Goodwill Industries in Evansville
  • Director of local YMCA board
  • President of Downtown Optimist Club
  • Helped found Camp Optimist for Boys
  • Board Member of Vanderburgh County Crippled Children's Society
  • Belonged to Several Masonic organizations and First Baptist Church
  • "Rags to Riches" story
  • Recollection of Mary Sue Wooton:
    • Uncle Bill and Aunt Maude, my folks, were the solid center for both sides of the families united by their marriage. Dad grew up in Central City, Ky -- first job in the coal mines; and Mom in a hardworking farm family in Emerson, Ky -- first job a one room school house. Later as solid citizens in S Indiana, Evansville on the Ohio River, Dad was owner of a busy tristate business college and Mom took care of many kin beside her own!! Not too strong nor organized she opened her spareroom and board to nieces and nephews through many years as Dad gave them free tuition.
    • I remember that Bud (named for grandpa LN lewis Rayburn) complained once that he was so weary of ribeye steak as that was what Maudie could fix fast for supper for all.
    • We were away at college I guess when Dick sent his laundry home from Purdue for her to wash and send back! This was the family a half block from us on E Powell that she did what she could for after Margaret lovely browneyed wife of her bro "Doc"" one of the two redheads in tht family died of pneumonia after the birth of her last child Eugene. Mother worried with the constant parade of housekeepers and keeping groceries in etc. The touching story that says a lot about this Appalachian woman (she never pulled a weed if it had a blossom) and had a love of animals. After dishes were done and things quiet, she would go often and get Docs litte pooch, walk him down two blocks (she never drove a car), buy him a hamburger which he ate on the deli floor!
    • They also took in one of my friends from my summer in Mississippi in work camp (a sharecropper). She was in DC working during the War, married a man high in the Navy, and was always grateful for her middle class life.
  • Published an article on religion: "Living and Growing: A Plan That Works" by William M. Wootton



  • Fathers middle name sometimes listed as "Ramey"
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  • Mother sometimes listed as "Sue Katherine" rather than "Susan Catherine"