Magdalene Martyn

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  • Date: 29 Jan 1607
  • Location: Barnham, Suffolk, England, British Empire

Immediate Ancestors

Immediate Descendants

With John Hall Bullard

  • John Bullard Jr (b 1632 in Barnham, Suffolk, England - 14 Oct 1635 in England)
  • Magdalene Bullard (born abt 18 Oct 1635 in Barnham, Co Suffolk, England - 27 Dec 1676, Married John Partridge 18 Dec 1655)
  • John Bullard (b 1637 in Dedham, Norfolk, MA - 4 Jul 1668 in Dedham, Norfolk, MA)
  • Abigail Bullard (b 8 Aug 1641 in Dedham, Norfolk, MA - Married Quintaine Stockwell in 1666)
  • Joseph Bullard
  • Hannah Bullard (b 1 Dec 1645 in Dedham, Norfolk, MA - Married Benjamin Allen 6 Mar 1669)
  • Michael Bullard (b 21 Mar 1648 in Dedham, Norfolk, MA - probably dies young)

Places Lived



  • Date: 29 Nov 1661
  • Location: Medfield, Norfolk, MA, British Empire

Biographical Information



  • Several sources give mother's name as "Agnes" with no last name. One shows "Agnes John".
  • Some sources list her and her father's last name as "George-Martyn".
  • "Mostly New England" gives the following note: "BULLARD GENFORUM: Nancy I'm not an expert on the Bullards by any means, but I seem to have become a crusader to correct a misreading of a chart in Bullard and Allied Familes. John Bullard, son of William Buller and Grace Bignett, was married to Magdalen Martyn, not Magdalene George. "Magdalene George" appears to be a fictitious person created by the running together of Magdalen and her brother-in-law George's name on a chart. In fact, I was led to her correct name by a letter in this forum. Unfortunately I can't locate the certifying information I had found (and I thought I was being so careful!). Her name is Magdalen Martyn. Everyone calls her Magdalen George, and the only reason I can think of is a chart in the book BULLARD AND ALLIED FAMILIES in which her name is so close to that of her husband's brother George that it all runs together! Of course, once this happens it gets repeated and repeated. The Bullard forums that I have seen with recent research all list Magdalen's name as Martyn."
  • Given the above which seems pretty solid, I am not including the "George" in my listing.
  • Her first name has also been misspelled in various ways. Some sources say she is Magdalene Martyn, some say Magdalene Martin and some say Magdalene George... One gives Magdalene George Marytin. A few give Magdalene George-Martyn. Several of the the sources list the name as Magdalene Madelin George Martyn. A couple other sources give "Magdalene\Ellen EICKERMAN (MARTYN)". A few more simply Magdalene George Martyn. "Madelin" sounds like a corruption of Magdalene. "Ellen Dickerman" was a second wife of husband John Bullard.
  • Some sources show her married to John's brother William, but the overwhelming number of sources disagree.