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This page is part of the Genealogy Research being done by Samuel Antonio Minter. It represents the best information I have at this time on this individual. This site is a Wiki open to be edited by anyone. If you see errors, or have additional relevant information, feel free to update this page. If you are not comfortable editing the page directly, please email me with the information at Thank you!


  • Date: 1601
  • Location: Barnham, Suffolk County, England, British Empire

Immediate Ancestors

Immediate Descendants

With Magdalene Martyn

  • John Bullard Jr (b 1632 in Barnham, Suffolk, England - 14 Oct 1635 in England)
  • Magdalene Bullard (born abt 18 Oct 1635 in Barnham, Co Suffolk, England - 27 Dec 1676, Married John Partridge 18 Dec 1655)
  • John Bullard (b 1637 in Dedham, Norfolk, MA - 4 Jul 1668 in Dedham, Norfolk, MA)
  • Abigail Bullard (b 8 Aug 1641 in Dedham, Norfolk, MA - Married Quintaine Stockwell in 1666)
  • Joseph Bullard
  • Hannah Bullard (b 1 Dec 1645 in Dedham, Norfolk, MA - Married Benjamin Allen 6 Mar 1669)
  • Michael Bullard (b 21 Mar 1648 in Dedham, Norfolk, MA - probably dies young)

Places Lived

  • Barnham, England
  • Watertown, MA (1636)
  • Dedham, MA (1640)
  • Medfield, MA (1651)


  • Magdalene Martyn (Married 2 May 1632)
  • Elinor "Ellen" Whittington (Married after 29 Nov 1661)


  • Date: 27 Oct 1678
  • Location: Medfield, Norfolk, MA

Biographical Information

  • John came from England to Massachusetts with his 4 brothers about 1635.
  • Death was accidental from an "overthrow of a cart".
  • One of the founders of Dedham, 1641, and Medfield, 1650.
  • Served with the train-band and contributed to the fund for Harvard college, 1675
  • May have sailed to America aboard the Arabella.
  • JOHN BULLARD, son of William and Grace (Bignett) Bullard, was born in Barnham, Suffolk county, England, 1601-2, and died at Medfield, Massachusetts, October 27, 1678. His death was accidental, the result of "the overthrow of a cart," according to the early records of Medfield. He married in England, Magdalene who died in Medfield, Massachusetts, November 29, 1661. He married second, Ellen, widow of Thomas Dickerman of Dorchester. The second wife died in 1676.
  • One of four brothers who came to Watertown, MA in Mar 1635.
  • John Bullard settled first in Watertown, Massachusetts, in about 1636. He was a proprietor there in 1638. He and his wife, Magdalene, were admitted to the church on May 2, 1639. He took the Freeman's Oath on May 13, 1640. With his brother, William, John became a proprietor of the settlement at Dedham when the company of Watertown church members established themselves there. John's dismissal from the church at Watertown to the one at Dedham was dated May 30, 1641. Mr. Phillips, the pastor, and elders, Carter and Howe, testified in John's favor.
  • John was one of the original purchasers of Dedham, having signed the social compact of proprietors on June 1, 1636. Lands adjoining his brother William's property were assigned to John. The brothers were rated among the most able citizens and private accounts against John Bullard abroad were entered as "one of the two Bullards at Dedham."
  • Of John and William, the brothers who received grants of land in Dedham at its founding, Samuel F. Haven, in the "Dedham, Mass. "Historical Address" (1837)" said, "By counting the list of inhabitants in the order of the admission to Dedham at that period (1635) or a little beyond, we shall find it to include many of the names now most respected among us... William and John Bullard next appear... these men were Puritans... men of character and standing in their own countries."
  • In 1650, John became one of the select proprietors of the new town of Medfield, Massachusetts, where lands were assigned to him and where, with other proprietors, he enjoyed a great degree of confidence of the General Court. He and the other proprietors were not bound by the General Court, in the act of incorporation, to "build within a specified time a meeting house, settle a minister, and establish a school," as was most common for that time. According to the General Court, the characters of John and the other proprietors was "sufficient pledge that these things will be done soon enough."
  • A house lot of eight acres was assigned to John Bullard in Medfield, Massachusetts in 1652. His lot (on what is now Main Street) stood nearly opposite the head of what is now Spring Street. The original building gave way to its successor in 1696, and the estate has had many owners since that date.
  • In all these moves, he accompanied Samuel Morse and sons.
  • In 1675, John Bullard is on the list of subscribers to the fund for the "new brick college" (Harvard). His contribution was a bushel-and-a-half of "Indian corn."
  • In John's will, the homestead went to his son, Joseph, with legacies paid to John Partridge (son-in-law) and two daughters, Abigail Stockwell and Hannah Allen.
  • Colonial War; trained Town Militia.
  • His daughter Abigail settled in Deerfield with her husband. In 1677, about twenty of the settlers in the Connecticut Valley were carried captive by the Indians to Canada, among whom was Quintane Stockwell. He returned to Deerfield after several months of hardship. An account of his captivity was published in 1684.
  • His son Joseph owned a home in Medfield that was burned by Indians during King Philips War.



  • Ruth Marilyn Brandon says there is a whoile booklet on the Bullards.
  • Father is also listed as William Buller. There was clearly a name change from Buller to Bullard. Different sources disagree on which generation this occured. Most references to John were "Bullard" so I have stuck with that name. How it will balance out for William is yet to be seen. Since emigration is a common time for name change, it may well have been that John was born John Buller and went by John Bullard after arriving in Massachusetts. If evedence bears this out I may change the name here. For instance, on the Creitz site it can be seen that all his siblings were Buller's. I am very tempted to change the name already. But will wait for a little more evidence. It has also been misspelled "Ballard", "Bulard", "Bullar" and "Bulleward"
  • The VHoney source has Michael Bullard's birthday as 12 Mar and Grace's last name as Bignetti and lists Madelin as a third wife. Unless I get other confirmation of these things I will go with the more common information.
  • The Corey source gives second wife Ellen as Ellen Whittington and spells Magdalene's last name as Martin. It also shows Magdalena as being born in England and having the last name Buller, leading additional credence to the idea that the name change happened with the Atlantic crossing.
  • Going with the 21 Mar 1647 date for Michael Bullard as it appear to show most often in the sources.
  • Second Wife Ellen was Wittington. She was the widow of Thomas Dickerman of Dorchester, MA, thus the many references to her as Ellen Dickerman.
  • Many quotes in biography originally from this book.
  • The "Hall" middle name was only seen in one source and may be incorrect. But it does not contradict any other info, so I'm keeping it for now.
  • Ellen seems to be a nickname for the second wife. Real name was "Elinor". However she appears as "Ellen" on many records. It is also sometimes spelled Eleanor or Elenor.
  • Some sources show date of death on 28 Oct 1678 or 28 Nov 1678, but these are much less common than the date listed.
  • Some sources give Barnham, St, Martins, Suffolk, England as birthplace.
  • Mother's name has been spelled Bignett, Bignetti and Bignette and Bibnette. One source gives Bignett (Twin). Not sure if this is indicating that she was a twin, or if that was an alternate last name.
  • The "Flint Family and Allied" source lists parents as Robert Bullard and Ann Martyn. I believe this to be an error as it does not appear anywhere else.
  • I have generally seen the list of children WITHOUT Elizabeth. I am not sure of the correctness of her presence. The Wheeler source lists her as being born in Barnham, but the potential date listed is after the emigration.
  • The "Mostly New England" source lists yet another child, Issac. I don't really believe this either. It might be a middle name for the second John. (The first John apperantly died as a toddler before the emigration.)
  • Based on some quick additional searches on Isaac and Elizabeth Bullard, I believe them to actually be children of William Bullard Jr, one of John Bullard's brothers. So I am not including them on the list of children above.
  • One source lists a "Sarah Daniels" as a spouse. This is isolated and outnumbered, so I don't credit it.