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This page is part of the Genealogy Research being done by Samuel Antonio Minter. It represents the best information I have at this time on this individual. This site is a Wiki open to be edited by anyone. If you see errors, or have additional relevant information, feel free to update this page. If you are not comfortable editing the page directly, please email me with the information at Thank you!


  • Date: 26 Apr 1643
  • Location: Dedham, Norfolk, MA, British Empire

Immediate Ancestors

Immediate Descendants

With Sarah Jones

  • Joseph Bullard Jr (12 Sep 1665 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA)
  • Sarah Bullard (21 Nov 1667 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA)
  • Jonathan "John" Bullard (28 Mar 1669 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA)
  • Samuel Bullard (15 Sep 1672 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA)
  • Rachel Bullard (15 Nov 1674 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA)
  • Nathaniel Bullard (2 Sep 1677 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA)
  • Solomon Bullard (13 Jul 1679 in Medfiled, Norfolk, MA - 3 Jan 1680 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA)
  • Hannah Bullard (29 Oct 1681 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA)
  • Abiel Bullard (29 Oct 1681 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA)
  • Abigail Bullard (20 Sep 1684 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA)
  • Ebenezer Bullard

Places Lived



  • Between 1696 and 1722 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA, British Empire

Biographical Information

  • According to the old-style calendar, Joseph was born on the 26th day of the 2nd month, 1643, and was baptized the 30th day of the same month and year (Records of the First Church of Dedham).
  • Joseph owned a home in Medfield, Massachusetts located on the east side of the Harbor Island road a few rods from the corner of Main Street, which was among those burned by Indians during King Philip's war. Joseph Bullard's house was that originally owned by Nathaniel Sutcliffe, son-in-law of Sergt. John Plympton. Joseph never rebuilt, but lived on the homestead with his father until 1695. At that time, he purchased a tract of land at a point where the towns of Medfield, Dover, and Walpole meet. He settled there. This farm (located on what is now County Street), which is believed to have been the original settlement of the Bullard's of Dover, became the property of Nathaniel (son of Joseph and Sarah) after Joseph's death. Nathaniel's widow, shortly after Nathaniel's death in 1753, sold the farm (Records of the First Parish of Dover, Massachusetts).
  • In 1696, Joseph sold the old homestead in Medfield (which had come to him through his father's will) to Rev Baxter.
  • Joseph's name appears on the list of contributors to Harvard. He was burned out by Indians after he'd subscribed, but paid instead with "Indian corn" on February 15, 1678.
  • Colonial War; soldier in Town Militia.
  • His Widow received aid from Medfield for several years.



  • Ruth Marilyn Brandon says there is a whole booklet about the Bullard family.
  • Some sources say Mother is Magdalene Martyn, some say Magdalene Martin and some say Magdalene George... One gives Magdalene George Marytin. A few give Magdalene George-Martyn. Several of the the sources list the name as Magdalene Madelin George Martyn. A couple other sources give "Magdalene\Ellen EICKERMAN (MARTYN)". A few more simply Magdalene George Martyn. "Madelin" sounds like a corruption of Magdalene. "Ellen Dickerman" was a second wife of father John Bullard.
  • Soldier in the Town militia and contributor to the College fund.
  • Some sources give a 1642 birthdate.
  • A couple of sources give the father as John Buller rather than John Bullard. As the father is the relative who emmigrated, this alternate name may be correct and should be researched futher.
  • Most Sources have unknown last name for wife Sarah, but enough say Jones to go with that. One sources shows Sarah Johns instead.
  • Many sources show a second Marriage to Margaret Cheney, some with dates that overlap the first marriage, others that do not. However, seveal sources (especially when you click through to Son Joseph Cheney Jr) indicate that Margaret was Joseph Jr's wife, not Joseph Sr. So I will not reference her as a second marriage here unless other evidence surfaces.
  • Daughter Abigail is only found in two references so far, many more do not mention her at all. One source shows her but NOR Abiel. I am suspicious Abigail may actually be the same person as Abiel. But I have found one source that shows both, and gives birthdays for both, so I'll keep them both.
  • At least one source drops the e at the end of Magdalene. Another gives her as Magdelena.
  • Most sources list birth in April rather than February. This might jive with the "second month" description witht he old style of new year's being the ides of March. In any case, I am listing April, as it seems to be far more common in the sources than February.
  • A very small number of sources list birth in Barnham, Suffolk, England rather than in Massachusetts. But almost everything says MA, so I'll stick with that.
  • A couple of sources list a death of 30 Apr 1644, but this seems to just be a mistranscription of the babtism/christening date.
  • Is it possible Margeret Cheney married Joseph Bullard JUNIOR (this Joseph's son). That might also make sense.