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  • Date: 2 Dec 1839
  • Location: Glenn Springs, Spartanburg, SC, USA

Immediate Ancestors

Immediate Descendants

With Henrietta Alethia Anderson

  • Mary Christina Smith (b 21 Nov 1871, Married ? Lancaster)
  • Harriet Maria Smith
  • David Perrin Smith (b 17 Jun 1876, Twin)
  • William Faber Smith (b 17 Jun 1876, Twin)
  • Emma May Smith (b 1 Oct 1878, Married ? Barry)
  • Catherine Elizabeth Smith (b 4 Nov 1881 in Spartansburg, SC, Married ? Philips)
  • Minor Frazier Smith (b 23 Mar 1884)
  • Carolina Henrietta Smith (b 18 Apr 1888, Married ? Michael)

Places Lived

  • Glenn Springs, SC, USA



  • Date: 31 Oct 1905
  • Buried: Glenn Springs, SC, USA

Biographical Information

  • From "A History of the Anderson Family" page 70
    • "He received early education in the schools in the neighborhood of Glenn Springs and was place in school at Spartansburg where he studied under Mr. Irwin at St. John's School. He entered the South Carolina College, Columbia, but left college in 1861 and joined the Brooks Troop where he was associated with Hon. W. H. Perry and Ned Beatty. He followed Wade Hampton in all of his career."
    • "After the war he found that his father's fortune no longer existed and it was necessary that Mr. Smith begin farming under very adverse circumstances and when he died October 31, 1905, he left a sizable estate. He was an elder in the Glenn Springs Presbyterian Church of which his wife was a charter member."



  • The name listed in the family tree from Mary Sue Wootton is Christian <illegible> Smith. (See Packet Page 38 to see illegible bit.) It looked originally to me like something staring with a "U". But looking more it is somewhat consistant with an "E". It could be Elmer or Eber. The information above currently makes a speculative leap that it is Eber. Further, that Eber was the first name, not the second. Here are the reasons...
    • Christian's father is listed as "<Illegible> Pinquite Smith". The hard to read bit could however be Elihu.
    • There is an Elihu P Smith who had a child Eber C Smith as per page 7 of the Spartanburg, SC Index listed above
    • The same index (page 1) has Henrietta Anderson, son of David... which would match our Henrietta Anderson, Christian's wife.
    • Christina Faber (Christian's Mother) is also listed, on Page 3
    • Harriet Brockman (Henrietta's mother) is also listed on page 1
    • Harriet Smith (Christian's daughter) was born in Glenn Springs, SC which is only 15 miles from Spartanburg
    • The book was published in 1900, which would put both Christian and Elihu in the right time frame to be included in this book.
    • All the rest of the family is listed... his parents, his wife, his wife's parents... but there is no Christian Smith listed.
    • There is however an Eber C Smith, and Eber would match the illegible bit on the family tree.
    • It might be Christian Eber, or Eber Christian... I am going with the Eber first as the reference was older (1900) and therefore closer in time so less likely to have been modified over time
  • The book is available at Amazon on CD... I want a copy!
  • Rootsweb says Christian Eber Smith... so I am switching to that as now 2/3 sources have that order.
  • "Brooks Troop" was a part of Hampton's Legion, a military unit in the Confedarate Army.
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