Thomas B VanTilburgh

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Thomas B VanTilburgh ~1909


  • Date: 8 Jan 1847
  • Location: Greenville, OH, USA

Immediate Ancestors

Immediate Descendants

With Margaret Weer

  • Ray VanTilburgh
  • Catherine Winner VanTilburgh
  • Harry VanTilburgh
  • Florence Lacelle VanTilburgh
  • Mary Evelyn VanTilburgh
  • Josephine VanTilburgh
  • Benjamin VanTilburgh
  • James Calvin VanTilburgh
  • Frank Clinton VanTilburgh
  • Philip Weer VanTilburgh
  • Alice Mabel VanTilburgh
  • Thomas VanTilburgh
  • Charles Kenneth VanTilburgh

Places Lived

  • Franklin, OH, USA



  • Date: 5 Jan 1910

Biographical Information

  • Along with Margaret Weer started the VanTilburgh family reunions in 1909. The 100th anniversary reunion in 2009 was attended by 121 descendants.
  • Worked at a bakery, then a warehouse, then at the brickyard in Piqua, OH.



  • Margaret was also known as "Maggie"
  • FamilySearch has mother's name as "Nancy Emley"
  • Charles Kenneth later decided to drop the final "h" and go by VanTilburg
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