Samuel Jewett

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  • Date: 5 Jun 1761
  • Location: Norwich, New London, Connecticut, British Empire

Immediate Ancestors

Immediate Descendants

With Lucy Hungerford

  • Elizabeth Jewett (b 8 Jan 1790 in Weybridge, VT married Peter Saxe)
  • Thomas Jewett (b 13 Jan 1792 in Weybridge, VT married Sarah Brewster, married Naomi Barber)
  • Samuel A Jewett (b 14 Dec 1794 in Weybridge, VT married Marie Xexerera)
  • Philo Jewett
  • Solomon Wright Jewett (b 22 May 1808 in Weybridge, VT married Fidelia Bell, married Mary Catharine Jewett)
  • Charles C Jewett (b 13 Jun 1810 in Weybridge, VT married Catharine Charlotte Scovell)

Places Lived

  • Weybridge, Vermont



  • Date: 20 Oct 1830
  • Location: Weybridge, VT, USA
  • Burial: New Yard Cemetery, Weybridge, Addison, VT, USA

Biographical Information

  • From the 1849 "Gazetteer of Vermont": Samuel JEWETT settled early on the place now occupied by A. D. HAYWARD, near the monument, and subsequently built the brick house now there. Of his descendants there are now living in the town Philo JEWETT and his son, Silas JEWETT and his daughter, Mrs. Jno. A. JAMES. Samuel JEWETT's daughter Betsey became the mother of the poet, John G. SAXE. Samuel JEWETT was the first town clerk of this town, and died in October, 1830. His was the fifth family in town. He came from Bennington to Rutland and thence to Pittsford with an ox sled. There he built a raft and continued the journey by water. Mr. JEWETT held the office of town clerk twenty-six years and represented his town eighteen years, besides holding other offices. His son Philo was also in the Legislature five years, and selectman twelve years."
  • He settled in Weybridge, VT after his marriage
  • He was returned to the Legislature of Vermont, by Weybridge, eighteen years, and declined any further service
  • He was the first town clerk of Weybridge, which office he held twenty-six years (1789 to 1817).
  • He was a Justice of the Peace twenty-two years.
  • During the Revolution he served from April 18 to June 18 in Capt. Tehan Noble's Co. of Militia
  • He was also on pay roll of Capt. Eli Noble's Co., in Maj. Ebenezer Allen's Detachment from Aug. 16, 1780, service 67 days
  • He was also "Pay Roll of Capt. Eli Noble's Co., of Militia in Pownal in Col. Ebenr Walbridge's Regt. as marched in the alarm to Castleton in Oct. 1781 with Capt. Eli Noble.
  • Samuel Jewett enlisted Oct. 23, served 11 days. "("Rev. War Rolls of Vt.")