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This page is part of the Genealogy Research being done by Samuel Antonio Minter. It represents the best information I have at this time on this individual. This site is a Wiki open to be edited by anyone. If you see errors, or have additional relevant information, feel free to update this page. If you are not comfortable editing the page directly, please email me with the information at Thank you!


  • Date: UNKNOWN
  • Location: UNKNOWN

Immediate Ancestors

Immediate Descendants

With Anna Light:

  • Catherine Stoner (born 1753 in Coventry Township, Chester County, PA; married David Plain on May 17, 1771 in Frederick Co, MD; died September 25m 1826 in Frederick Co, MD; buried at Pipe Creek Brethren Church)
  • Anna Stoner
  • John Stoner (born Jan 12 1759 in Coventry Township, Chester County, PA; married Hannah Moyer and later Elizabeth Englar Stem; died Feb 21 1841 in Carroll County, MD; buried in the Wolfe Cemetary)
  • David Stoner
  • Jacob Stoner
  • Susannah Stoner
  • Daniel Stoner
  • Samuel Stoner

Places Lived



  • Date: 1774
  • Location: UNKNOWN
  • Buried: Wolfe Cemetery, Union Bridge, Carroll County, Maryland near the Pipe Creek Church of the Brethren

Biographical Information

  • Member of German Baptist Brethren Church in Coventry Twp., Chester Co., PA
  • The Orphan's Court appointed John Steiner (Stoner) to be his wife Anna's younger brother Christian's guardian upon his father-in-law's death.
  • The following from LightBook.pdf:
    • For the first fifteen or sixteen years of their marriage Anna and John resided on property in Coventry Twp. adjacent to the Schuylkill River which John Stoner purchased from his father on March 18, 1749 (EX N). The first six of John and Anna's eight children were born on this farm: Catherine, Anna, John, David, Jacob and Susannah.
    • This property bordered lands owned by Martin Urner and Andrew Wolfe. All of these families were associated with the Coventry German Baptist Brethren Church (Dunkers). John and Anna sold this property to Anna's brother, John Light, on April 20, 1767.
    • Anna and John followed a general trend among the Dunkers at Coventry to move to a new Dunker community in Frederick/Carroll County, Maryland.
    • On May 30, 1767 John Stoner bought "Hard Lodging" from Edward Tully for 770 pounds "Pennsylvania current money". This farm, comprising 322 acres, is on Sam's Creek near now Union Bridge, MD. A mill was also located on this property. Here too John and Anna's last two children were born: Daniel and Samuel.
    • John Stoner died rather young at age 44 in 1774 when his youngest child was barely a year old.
    • For a more detailed and extensive account of Anna and John Stoner and the relation of the Light and Steiner families see the excellent book by Richard R. Weber (EX C).



  • Also known as John Stoner