Caroline Elizabeth Hughes

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  • Date: UNKNOWN
  • Location: UNKNOWN

Immediate Ancestors

  • Father: UNKNOWN
  • Mother: UNKNOWN

Immediate Descendants

With James Logan Jr

  • William Logan (b 13 Oct 1791 in PA; m Elizabeth Ray Powers 24 Aug 1815 in Fleming Co, KY; d 10 Jan 1873 in Rowan Co, KY)
  • Julia Hannah Logan (b 8 Mar 1793 in PA; m Abraham Enix 23 Aug 1810 in Fleming Co, KY; d Mar 1876 in Lewis Co, KY)
  • Mary Logan (b 22 Apr 1795 in KY; m William J Simpson 27 Oct 1817 in Lewis Co, KY; m Joseph Taylor 24 Sep 1829 in Lewis Co, KY; d 29 Jun 1861 in Logan Twp, Peoria Co, IL)
  • John M Logan (b 1796 in KY; m Elenore Winslow Parker 26 Dec 1821 in Lewis Co, KY; d after 1860 in Marion Co, IA)
  • Tobias Logan (b 1796 in Rowan Co, KY, m Mary Ann "Polly" Taber 21 Feb 1821, d 1870 in Carter Co, KY)
  • Lydia Logan (b ~1800 in KY; m Hiram Day 1 Oct 1821 in Floyd Co, KY)
  • Elizabeth Logan
  • Edward Logan (b 5 Nov 1806 in Fleming Co, KY; m Minerva Thomas 10 Feb 1827 Lewis Co KY; d 18 Aug 1885 in Greenup Co, KY)

Places Lived



  • Date: UNKNOWN

Biographical Information

  • Relocated from Pennsylvania to Kentucky ~1794




  • "History of Kentucky and Kentuckians" says she is of "Keystone State stock"
  • The History of Kentucky source lists another daughter "Susan". Since the listing of children later in the Bruce Logan document is more detailed, I'm going with that listing and assuming "Susan" was just mixed up with one of the other daughters.
  • The second child's name is apparently "Julian" even though she is female, although some sources list her as "Julia".