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This page is part of the Genealogy Research being done by Samuel Antonio Minter. It represents the best information I have at this time on this individual. This site is a Wiki open to be edited by anyone. If you see errors, or have additional relevant information, feel free to update this page. If you are not comfortable editing the page directly, please email me with the information at Thank you!


  • Date: 4 Dec 1797
  • Location: Greenville District, SC, USA

Immediate Ancestors

Immediate Descendants

With Mary Kilgore

  • Harriet Maria Brockman
  • Aletha S Brockman (b 1820, m James William Young, d1875)
  • James Henry Brockman (b 19 Jul 1822, m Mary Elizabeth Stairley, d 15 Sep 1844)
  • Keziah Brockman (b 1824, m Samuel Pliney Hudson)
  • Frances E Brockman (b 21 Jul 1826, m James Franklin Stokes)
  • Josiah T Brockman (b 9 Nov 1828, d 27 Nov 1828)
  • John B Brockman (b 18 Aug 1830, d 5 Jan 1831)
  • Benjamin Thomas Brockman (b 11 Dec 1831, d 12 Jun 1864)
  • Lucy Anne Margaret Brockman (b 1834, m Julius Richard Earle Sr, d 1907)
  • Mary Lavinia Brockman (b 1836, m John Washington Harris Jr, d 1911)
  • Eloise Brockman (b 1837, m William H Hudson)
  • Jesse Kilgore Brockman (b 1839, m Kathleen "Kitty" Bryson, d 28 May 1864)
  • Henrietta Malinda Brockman (b 1840, m Alexander Campbell Earle, d 1925)

Places Lived

  • Greenville, SC, USA



  • Date: 20 Aug 1859
  • Burial: Kilgore Family Cemetery, Greenville Co., SC, USA

Biographical Information

  • Occupation - Mercantile pursuits
  • Colonel of 3rd Regiment, Greenville District, SC (1831)
  • Member of Nullification Convention (1832-1833)
  • SC House of Representatives (1836-1840 and 1850-1852)
  • Presidential Elector 1852
  • Representative to Southern Rights Convention 1852
  • SC Senate (1852-1856)
  • Text of Thomas Patterson Brockman Wikipedia page as of 2007 Mar 21 04:51 UTC
    • Colonel Thomas Patterson Brockman was born December 4 1793 (some sources say 1797), the son of Henry Brockman and Susannah Patterson. He was born in the Greenville District (now Greenville County), South Carolina, and died August 20, 1859. Brockman was a merchant and planter in the Greenville District and also owned land in the Spartanburg District. He was also a long time member of the South Carolina House of Representatives and the South Carolina Senate.
    • Title of Colonel
      • Brockman was listed as a noted member of the community in Greenville as early as 1831, when he served as a parade marshal on the fourth of July, as appointed by Perry E. Duncan and committee. At that ceremony he lead 3 companies of militia accompanied by thirteen rounds of artillery fire and Colonels Barron, Greene, and Major Goodlett. Brockman was colonel of the Third Regiment of the state militia (1831-1834).
    • Political Life
      • Brockman was a prominent Unionist member of the South Carolina State Senate during the years leading to the American Civil War and the 1828 Nullification Crisis in particular representing district in the 32nd, 33rd, and 39th General Assemblies. According to the 1850 slave schedules, he possessed thirty slaves in Greenville.
      • By 1850 the slavery issue was ever more contentious and came to a head with the Compromise of 1850. John C. Calhoun opposed the compromise, but he died in March. If the compromise passed, South Carolina secessionists began calling for the state to withdraw from the Union. But Greenville had long been a Unionist stronghold. In the October state elections of 1850, Unionists Brockman, Benjamin Perry, and Perry E. Duncan were easily re-elected to the legislature. The Southern Patriot newspaper was initiated to support the Unionist cause, rallying the Unionists from the days of the Nullification Crisis, that had occurred some 22 years earlier. By the time the state convention delegates were to be elected in 1852 the Greenville delegation Unionists and the Cooperationists around the state joined forces to delay the state convention. When the delegates were finally elected the cooperationists defeated the secessionists 25,062 to 17,617. The Union was safe (for the time being) thanks in large part to the efforts of Brockman and the other Unionists of Greenville.
    • Positions Held
      • State Senate Committees
        • State Senator Greenville District (1836-1839), (1850-1855)
        • Committee on accounts and vacant offices (1836-1838), (1854-1855)
        • Internal Improvements (1836-1839)
        • Privileges and Elections (1836-1839)
        • Incorporations (1838-1839)
        • Pensions (1850-1851)
        • Roads, Bridges, and Ferries (1850-1851)
        • Claims and Grievances (1852-1853)
      • Other Positions
        • Colonel Third Regiment State Militia (1831-1832)
        • South Carolina Representative to South Western Railroad Bank Stockholder's Meeting (1839)
        • Commissioner of Roads (1844, 1851, 1854)
        • Commissioner of Public Buildings (1844, 1851, 1854)
        • Presidential Elector (1852)
      • Activities Against Secession Issues
        • Brockman, Benjamin Fanklin Perry, and Perry Emory Duncan were all prominent Unionists.
        • Represented Greenville at Nullification Convention, voted against (1832-1833)
        • Authored a pamphlet advocating a Southern Convention against a state convention (1851)
        • Southern Rights state convention (1852)



  • One source is an index to History of Spartanburg, South Carolina a book I do not have, but want
  • Another source references William Anderson and Rebecca Denny and their descendants 1706-1914 another book I do not have but would like
  • A quick scan of Rootsweb shows a lot of variations on the listings of children. Also, the Wikipedia entry for TPB's son Benjamin says he is the eldest son (as of 21 Mar 2006), which does not match any of the Rootsweb sources. Benjamin is either listed as a younger son, or not at all. I'll try to look at this more when I get to TPM in order. But there is a lot of confusion as to the list of TPB children, practically every source shows a somewhat different list so I am not sure of the accuracy of the items here. At the moment I'm going to put up the children listed at the one James Bankhead and Allied Families of South Carolina Rootsweb source, plus the Bentley source, with some additional information from the cemetery listing that I think explains the "eldest son" on Benjamin's wikipedia listing, and the missing children from the Bankhead source... the two missing children, Josiah T and John B, both died as infants. Also, James Henry died before the civil war, so by the time of the notable events in Benjamin's life, he was the eldest REMAINING son of TPB. I will do more research on this when I get to this in order, but at this time (21 Mar 2007) I believe this listing of children to be correct.