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  • Date: UNKNOWN
  • Location: UNKNOWN

Immediate Ancestors

  • Father: UNKNOWN
  • Mother: UNKNOWN

Immediate Descendants

With Jacob Light:

  • Jacob Light Jr (born 1722, married Elizabeth in the 1740s, died 1809)
  • John Light (born 1724, married Catharine [Catarina] in the 1740s, died 1822)
  • Elizabeth Light (born between 1725 and 1732, married John Lasha, died before 1809)
  • Barbara Light (born between 1726 and 1732, married Ulrich Grumbacker in the early 1750's)
  • Peter Light (born 1733-09-03, married Nancy Ann Weaver, died 1810-12-10)
  • Anna Light
  • Benjamin Light (born between 1735 and 1742, married Catharine Downey in 1801-08-27)
  • Christian Light (born between 1742 and 1949, married and died before 1809)

Places Lived



  • Date: UNKNOWN
  • Location: UNKNOWN

Biographical Information

  • All her children were (probably) born on her farm.
  • Emmert F. Bittinger, Brethren Historian at Bridgewater College, Bridgewater, VA, states in a letter: "I will mention one additional bit of information regarding Jacob and Barbara Light. After joining Ephrata Cloister, this couple later became disillusioned with the Cloister and the problems of human relations there and joined the Conestoga German Baptist Brethren (Church of the Brethren today) congregation, a sister congregation to Coventry. Their names are on their baptismal records described as couples which had come over from Ephrata on April 15, 1750. Barbara was baptized, but Jacob was likely not rebaptized having been formerly a member of the Brethren. (See Brumbaugh's History of the Brethren, 1889, p. 311). In this record, the name Light is rendered Lichty, but it is surely the Light couple."